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Amtec safety
Amtec safety


1 300 000 LTI free hours achieved in 2014 translates into 13 years without any lost time injuries.


It is AMTEC's belief that every worker has the right to a safe working environment and sustained well-being. In controlling and, eliminating hazardous elements from the work place, AMTEC has only suffered 1 LTI in our 15 years of existence. AMTEC is totally committed to occupational health and safety and well-being which forms an integral part of our total management philosophy. Our purpose is the achievement of a "no injuries and no damage" status on all our projects. Our procedures make allowance for incorporating the client's requirements into Project Safety Policies. Induction seminars are conducted for all personnel prior to commencing work or visiting site to ensure that all
Safety requirements are fully understood.


Amtec environmental
Amtec environmental


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we merely borrow it from our children.


AMTEC has devised an environmental policy that is to the point and sets out achievable goals.

They are as follows:

  • Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible;
  • Minimize toxic emissions through careful selection and use of our fleet as well as our mobile power sources;
  • Actively promote recycling methodology both internally and amongst our clients and suppliers; and
  • We aim to meet or exceed all environmental legislation that relates to the type of tasks that AMTEC performs



Rotary club Greatest Train Race

AMTEC has been involved as a sponsor and participant in the form of teams for the last five years. The Greatest train race was started in 1987 and the purpose of the event is first and foremost a nation building exercise in which all members of the community are able to participate in raising funds that can be reinvested into local community projects. These projects are annually identified and closely monitored and managed by the Rotary Clubs of Middelburg Cycad, Middelburg and Witbank. The 2014 event attracted close to 16 000 runners and walkers, with a total of more than 35 000 people…R800 000 was generated for local community based beneficiaries.

The NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute)

Sea Rescue is the charity that saves lives on South African waters. The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is run by over 900 highly skilled, unpaid volunteers who are on standby day and night throughout the year.

Because of our connection with development programs in different levels of water sport, we believe that an organisation such as the NSRI play an integral part in safety on the water ways of South Africa. To this end we are financial benefactors to the NSRI.

Staff Wellness

We conduct "Stop for Safety" events on a regular basis whereby all our staff are withdrawn from the various projects for a day with the emphasis being on reiterating the importance of safety. To further this, awards are handed to the safest employees on the various sites. These employees are nominated through a peer review system that has been implemented to promote safety on site.

Our bi-quarterly Wellness days are designed to inform and make aware the importance of a healthy life style. A great deal of emphasis is also placed upon HIV and its effect on the individual, family and the work environment. Alcohol and drug abuse are also discussed at these wellness days highlighting the dangers of abuse of alcohol and drugs. AMTEC ensures that confidential counselling is provided to whomever require this service for whatever reason.

We have recently completed the building of a crèche at our head office complex whereby mothers within our staff can interact with their children for a longer period after returning from maternity leave.

Stop for Safety

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