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Amtec design and engineering
Amtec design and engineering


AMTEC has the ability to design and engineer processing systems to suit most applications.


AMTEC process engineering and construction expertise has successfully been applied to the Coal, Diamonds, Iron Ore, Metal-From-Slag, Tantalite, Platinum, Gold and Gemstone Industries. Our project team has successfully completed CSMPP projects in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and currently, Sierra Leone. Amtec have also undertaken construction projects outside of the African continent including Iran, Russia, India and Italy. AMTEC has the capability to manage all construction facets of turnkey projects, including civil, electrical, structural, mechanical, piping and plate work.

Project Partners

Amtec project management
Amtec project management

Project Partners

AMTEC utilises a task force approach under the leadership of a Project Manager combined with appropriate control systems and standards.


AMTEC has a number of project partnerships with other EPCM companies, both complimentary and synergistically in nature.

Amtec offers its specialized services to larger project companies (Fluor, Bateman, DRA, Sedgman, Grinaker, etc.) to undertake larger contracts or to undertake technology specific packages within a larger project. As a specialist in the mineral processing and mining industry, our positioning in this market enables Amtec to add value to companies who otherwise would not have the required capability and specialist resources. Our capability to fabricate and construct for projects adds value to any project we undertake.

As a brown field contracting specialist, Amtec is able to assist larger companies to undertake the complex, planning, costing and execution of the brown field scope for multi-faceted projects.

Amtec also has a close working relationship with a number of the outsourced operation and maintenance companies in the coal industry undertaking construction work for and on behalf of them.

Project History

Shutdown Projects
AMTEC is especially proficient and experienced in brownfield and shut-down construction activities having successfully undertaken many "difficult" projects in the industry. Our expertise in this field is highly sought after and we have received many commendations from clients and peers.

AMTEC have developed the expertise to undertake complex rigging and equipment installation projects including the planning, logistical management, rigging studies and execution of the project. Our rigging crews are fully trained, equipped and experienced to undertake most rigging projects encountered in the mining industry.

Goedgevonden HDV workshop extension (2015-2016)
The GGV workshop extension formed part of the 2nd phase expansion project. AMTEC constructed two new bays which seamlessly joined the existing bays. The project included the installation of a 40T overhead crane and 4 automated doors that were designed, manufactured and installed by AMTEC. The doors can accommodate dump trucks up to an including Cat 793's. The extension was fitted with all lube, air and firefighting facilities. A total of 200 tonnes of steelwork was required to complete the project.

Gangama project Phase 1
Situated in Sierra Leone, this project entails the construction of a ROM bin, spiral/process Water Bridge for piping and cable racks as well as a new Spiral plant with pipe works. The project has used up 380 tonnes of steel and 4,3 kilometres of piping. AMTEC has 75 employees on site and the project is due to be completed in May 2016

Middelburg Water Reclamation Plant CSMPP (2014-2015)
Our overriding achievement on this project was the fabrication and installation of 12 kilometres of in plant HDPE piping. Pipe diameters ranged from 25mm up to and including 630 mm. 30 tonnes of pipe support brackets were fabricated and installed.

Stuart Coal CSMPP (2014)
The construction and commissioning of a 450t p/h CPP was completed near Delmas in three and a half months.

Tweefontein Stackers and Rail Load Out Terminal CSMPP (2013-2014)
From late 2013 until the end of 2014 AMTEC fabricated and constructed an RLOT at the Tweefontein expansion near Ogies. The unit was commissioned and loaded its first train on the 15th of August 2014. At the same project AMTEC was involved in the construction of two automated stackers.