About us

Applied Mineral Technologies (Amtec) specialises in fabrication and construction of material handling systems and processing plants.
The company, which was established in 2001, employs a number of key people each having vast experience in their field of CSMPP.

As CSMPP is a specialised service which requires a well-disciplined and systematic approach to project execution to ensure the successful completion on time, to budget and to the required quality standards, Amtec uses a task force approach under the leadership of a project manager, combined with appropriate control systems and standards.

In addition to having a number of employees with the required background, proven ability and experience on major multi-disciplined projects, Amtec has also developed proven in-house management systems to ensure client satisfaction.

Our site construction division provides clients with structural, mechanical, plate work and piping services. Amtec is especially proficient and experienced in brownfield and shut-down construction activities having successfully undertaken many "difficult" projects in the industry.


Download Amtecs BEE certificate  413kb